Men’s shades for a big foreheads include some of the best looks, if you know how to choose the best style for your features. Check out the best way for pick men’s eyeglasses for big foreheads and take into account your face shape and skin tone when making your choice.

Following the shape of your eyebrows is an important clue when picking men’s sunglasses, but if you have a big forehead, the most important aspect that should influence your choice is the shape of your face.

Mens Sunglasses for Big Foreheads

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Men’s Eyeglasses for Big Foreheads: Square Face

When you’re trying to pick the best shades for a square face, with proportional length and width, go with glasses for a high temple.

Taller frames are a good choice while oval and round frames soften the angles of your face. The aviator/navigator look is an excellent choice, flattering both for your face shape and big forehead.

Mens Eyeglasses for Big Foreheads

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Shades of Big Forehead: Heart and Triangle Face

If you’re dealing with a broad forehead, but the shape of your face narrows down to a prominent chin, choose bottom-heavy frames. These accentuate your lower face, along with eyeglasses with a low-set temple.

Semi-rimless and wider frames are also good choices, with aviators amongst the best choices. When your style of choice is rectangular frames, you can find the right pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses if you stay away from styles which are wider at the top.

Mens Eyeglasses for Big Foreheads: Rectangular Face

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Men’s Eyeglasses for Rectangular Face

Having a rectangular face with a big forehead, you can go for rounder frames. Horizontal lines widen the face, so they can be a good choice. Stay away from small frames that are out of proportion to your face and accentuate the face length.

Eyeglasses of Big Forehead

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How to Choose the Right Style and Color

Big foreheads shouldn’t be your only concern when choosing the right shades. Size can make or break your look depending on your features. If you have a big mouth or nose, stay away from smaller frames and if you have smaller features don’t sport the biggest aviators you can find.

Stick to a black frame if you have dark hair or skin tone for the best look and make sure the lines of the frames compliment your eyebrows as well.

Men’s eyeglasses for big foreheads are the right fit when the frame sits right on the temples. At most, you should be able to stick one finger between the frames and your temple. Going big is tempting when you have a high forehead, but don’t go overboard.