If you want to be the lucky one who makes a smashing style statement with the Marni for H&M collection acccessories, hit specialized stores and pile up on these glam pieces of jewelry and bags everyone can rock regardless of age and style preferences.

The latest collaboration of two fashion forces revealed the Marni for H&M collection accessories, a set of handbags, chic shoe and jewelry designs which tell a fabulous style story about the rise of the color and print mix/matching trends. The Swedish clothing retailer and the A-list fashion atelier joined forces to break old-time favorite style rules and launch a complete line of unconventional and thought-provoking ensembles.

Accessories were created to provide the ultra-trendy outfits with an extra glam boost. Fabulous leather and printed fabric bags along with wooden-soled platform sandals and chic flats offer every fashionista the chance to update her spring look. The collection available from March 8, 2012 will definitely keep the style pack busy all throughout the season. Retro-chic is one of the buzzwords used to define the main source of inspiration of Marni. The fashion house is a real pioneer in the promotion of creative print and color combination. The color palette used in this voguish accessory collection is at least said diverse and outstanding.

 Marni for H&M Accessories Collection  Marni for H&M Handbags Accessories  Marni for H&M Bags Accessories Collection  Marni for H&M Jewelry Accessories Collection

As if split in two different themes we have cuffs, necklaces and bags armed up with the many shades of green, blue and creamy brown hues. On the other hand, we also have a selection of neutral-colored jewelry pieces, sequin collars and shoes which target the need of mainstream 'it' girls who love to opt for the safest style solutions. Innovation is one of the chief objectives of the Marni and H&M collaboration. We have numerous accessories which can be embedded both in a casual chic and formal apparel. The boundaries between different clothing styles fade and we'll have the chance to experiment with a series of surprising and fashion-forward transformations as illustrated by the models from the lookbook.

Those style fans who have an inclination towards making a smashing statement with their outfits are encouraged to incorporate colorful and bright earrings, cuffs and chic necklaces into their wardrobe. Those who are attracted by the simplicity and neatness of neutral shades are granted with a repertoire of elegant and easy-to-wear jewelry, platform shoes and chic flat sandals.

 Marni for H&M Accessories Collection  Marni for H&M Accessories Collection  Marni for H&M Accessories Collection  Marni for H&M Accessories Collection

Image courtesy of H&M