The much awaited Maria Carey lifestyle brand was finally launched on Cyber Monday. Out of the items of the lifestyle brand, jewelry pieces are undoubtedly the ones that attract the most attention. Take a look at some of the most interesting items from the diva's latest collection.

Even though we managed to see some of the items in the lifestyle brand that Mariah Carey designed for HNS before it was launched, the feeling of excitement and anticipation was still well preserved. Out of all the items included in the lifestyle collection the jewelry pieces presented undoubtedly attracted the most attention especially for those who were interested in finding a suitable, feminine Christmas gift. After all, the collection was strategically released just before the winter holidays.

Just like it was anticipated the collection featured many feminine motifs the most used one being the butterfly symbol. However symbols such as crosses, flowers or miniature shoes are some of the choices made by the artist for the collection. The color palette for the jewelry is not a very diverse one yet the options are quite interesting nonetheless.

The silver and gold tones combined with several crystals contribute to a quite interesting somewhat luxurious look however the sophistication of this style is well toned down by the motifs chose as well as the color combinations available. Some of the jewelry designs are available in different color versions in order to suit various tastes.

From initials as well as multiple symbols combined in the case of lucky charm bracelets or a necklace with the same symbols the jewelry presented definitely attracts attention especially due to the high degree of customization it offers.

Even though some might think that the collection is a bit expensive even for a celebrity brand discounts are being offered for purchasing multiple pairs of the same item. Considering the time frame chosen as well as the discounts offered it can be pretty safe to assume that the sales for some of the items in the collection will skyrocket in the following weeks.

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