Immersed in mystery, symbolism and well defined structures, the Maria Francesca Pepe spring summer 2012 collection is definitely your ordinary pop culture jewelry collection. Edgy, intriguing and virtually impossible to forget, the jewelry pieces are bold and refined, though in the traditional sense. Complex yet very well defined, the lookbook has both classy black and white photos and colorful ones to better highlight the energetic and, dare we say, heart stopping effect of the pieces.

The designer reveals the hidden meaning of the prevalent snake symbol: “the symbol of the serpent (lat. serpetem) as it was known in Ancient Egypt and then reinvented in the Seventies. It is the symbol of temptation and fatal attraction to pleasure, otherworldliness, everlasting beauty and of how all things perish and decay. In MFP jewellery the serpent’s natural form is stylized in smooth geometric facets with hollowed enameled eyes and reformed into architectural rings, minimalist cuffs and chokers which are studded with real turquoises and gold pyramids ‘a la Theda Bara'”.

While one might expect to see functionality as the main goal of the jewelry pieces included in the ‘Veleno’ collection, it’s instantly clear that ability to make a statement, to bring originality with one of a kind type of looks and a deeper layer of symbolism that only a select group of people is able to grasp are the main focus of the limited edition collection. From necklaces to bangles and everything in between, vintage vibes dominate in a modern interpretation.

The color palette revolves around fabulous gold and silver tones with a few turquoise touches. The fairly strict choices give the collection an even more distinguishable touch adding unity and appeal to the pieces. From oversized earrings to chunky short necklaces and geometric pendants, a focus on geometry and a great concern with creating a unique look make the line easily recognizable and well represented.

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