Creating an original look often means having the courage to go outside of your comfort zone that might not always be well received by everyone. Still, being adventurous fashion wise can sure prove to be extremely rewarding when you find a new style niche you haven’t thought of or simply a brand new way to express yourself. With an emphasis on edginess and individuality, the LUV AJ ‘The Heavy Metal Lover’ lookbook challenges and tempts us to try something a little different.

Gone are the days when choosing subtle, barely noticeable pieces were the norm to be followed. A new wave of self expression, the ability to show off statement pieces that bring even the simplest outfits to a new level and even heavily highlight the features you want to emphasize while drawing attention from the features you are not exactly pleased about are the way to go. Layering is a simple yet extremely effective way to create a complex look by making use of simple pieces and more conspicuous ones for a more original look. There are a multitude of options throughout the lookbook to draw inspiration from depending on the things you would like to use for this purpose.

Cuff bracelets, layered necklaces with geometric motifs, lots of rings in tones ranging from gold and silver or copper and black and a few headwear pieces are the main offerings for the new season. Used in combination or separately, these pieces are sure to add quite an interesting touch to your outfits. As the lookbook adequately shows, such statement pieces can enable you to get away with more neutral pieces and even rock the androgynous look trend if it appeals to you. The clever blend between black and white photos and colorful ones highlights the great versatility the pieces can provide.

While rebellious touches might be strongly correlated with casual wear, such pieces can work in a multitude of situations. Edgy touches, when applied correctly can be a true monotony breaker and can even help you uncover new style opportunities in more than one area. Take inspiration from these fabulous jewelry pieces for your shopping sessions for the upcoming season and add fun touches to your outfits within minutes.

Photo courtesy of LUV AJ

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