Two creative perspectives are better than one. More and more labels are starting to acknowledge the value of this concept and take steps to embrace it. The J.Crew label has embraced the idea many times over the years and the Lulu Frost collaboration proved a particularly good choice. So much so, that the two brands have reached the forth collaboration. Making a fun fashion statement without necessarily going the edgy route is the style perspective the two brands endorse for the upcoming days.

If you’re looking for gorgeous pieces to change the tone of an outfit instantly, the newest offerings can definitely prove a good alternative. Resin, crystals, navettes, and florals are beautifully reflected into fab designs that can take almost any outfit to the next level. The designer herself describes the new designs best as she reveals her source of inspiration: “inspired by estate jewelry, a pitch-perfect mash-up of antique, vintage and modern influences that makes for supersweet retro-chic designs with a twist.”

From subtle to uber colorful, the new options can appeal to women from different age groups. Making a statement is fairly easy, even if you’re not into super conspicuous jewelry pieces. With strong focal points and intricate details that capture the spotlight instantly, the new offerings will ensure you won’t be in danger of looking cookie-cutter. However, if you love a fabulous statement that will instantly draw all eyes on you, the statement necklaces from the new line are a sure bet.

Livening up the new season outfits, especially if you tend to instantly gravitate towards dark tones as soon as temperatures start to drop is a great idea and the fab pieces from the collection can definitely be a good step in the right direction. With all the fab options presented, updating your accessory collection can be much easier. Invest in sophisticated alternatives and you’ll have no problem adding fun vibes to your looks in just a few seconds. These are already available and have a price range of $78 to $278.

Photo courtesy of J.Crew