The importance of accessories in fashion is well known so no wonder jewelry/accessory designers are highly appreciated for their work. Creating unique style jewelry designs requires a high dose of talent, interest and appreciation for this work as only people who are truly gifted and love what they do can become internationally known.

One of the most talented jewelry designer is Lulu Frost who manages to create some of the most incredible unique jewelry. The Lulu Frost jewelry collection has been featured in a variety of internationally known magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour and many more others.

Lisa Salzer also known as Lulu named her jewelry line Lulu Frost after her name and her grandmothers name Elizabeth Rock Frost who was also in the jewelry business, so it seems that talent runs in the family.

The Lulu Frost jewelry collections have very unique styles as they are inspired from a variety of sources from the Victorian era until the present. All the details which might be looked over by some such as lost room numbers from the Plaza Hotel, ancient chandeliers, rare Victorian charms and other antique pieces, stand out to Victoria and she manages to inspire from these, creating some of the most interesting jewelry designs. She manages to combine antique styles with modern details, resulting a unique and fresh design which has a certain attraction attached.

Rhinestones, tiny beads, chains are only a few of the details which manage to stand out. The designs are very diverse and allow women to select the jewelry piece which suits their personality and outfit best. From elegant to more casual designs Lulu has managed to successfully build a name in the jewelry industry through the beauty of her creations.

The jewelry pieces signed Lulu Frost are divided into collections which bare the following names: Bond, Frost/Fetherston, Plaza, Deco-Victorian, Collage, Tulum and Tribal, the names being highly suggestive of the styles featured by the jewelry designs.

Admire her work, purchase your favorite jewelry design if you can afford it or inspire yourself and find similar more affordable accessories if you’re on a budget but want to look fabulously stylish as these jewelry designs can definitely help underline your unique fashion style!