The Lucifer vir Honestus brand has been build through the hard work of Luna Scamuzzi and Paolo Mandelli since 1998 and the brand has since flourished, being featured in stylish boutiques all over the world. The name Lucifer vir Honestus has been chosen after the first jeweler who lived in medieval times and this means plenty of thought has been put into the brand since before it even opened its doors.

Jewelry has played a very important role when it comes to beauty and style since ancient times so no wonder people are willing to spend so much on fine jewelry. The Lucifer vir Honestus spring 2011 jewelry designs underline the beauty and importance of fine jewelry and can help you discover a whole new world of beauty and style. The jewelry designs have a very unique signature and they are not your usual jewelry. The designs are meant to have a visual impact, characteristic which has helped Lucifer vir Honestus stand out.

Lucifer vir Honestus has started by designing rings so no wonder they represent the stronger part of the collections. However along time the jewelry house has expended their work and started designing other accessories as well.

The rings featured in the Lucifer vir Honestus spring 2011 collection look absolutely stunning, they architectural style leans towards vintage and we love every single ring designed. The rings have a medieval feel attached and this makes them perfect for a stylish outfit. The rings feature precious or semi-precious stones which look absolutely incredible.

The green or blue stones used to complete the ring designs look amazing and bring a certain warmth and luxury to the collection, making them perfect for formal as well as more casual occasions.

The rings feature an oversized design so they are definitely not for women who love simplicity. These designs are meant to stand out and attract attention so why not give them a try and allow them to fabulously complete the look of your outfits!

Dangling green earrings as well as a stylish frog cuff will also enchant your eyes so why not give these interesting Haute Couture looking jewelry a try!

The beauty, style and uniqueness of the jewelry designs signed Lucifer vir Honestus has attracted the attention of celebrities as well as several fashionistas such as Scarlett Johansson, Hillary Swank, Alicia Keys, Angie Harmon, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more others have turn towards the help of Lucifer vir Honestus jewelry to complete their stylish appearances.

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni via