Fabulous collaborations are becoming the norm this season with predictably lovely results. Both LUV AJ and LF Stores have dazzled us with rebellious, edgy alternatives inspired by the punk culture earlier this season, proving that great minds often think alike. This time, the two brands have left that conspicuous, bold style perspective aside in favor of a little more subtlety and a perspective that suits the spirit of the hot seasons from a mainstream point of view.

The popular boho chic allure is more than evident throughout the mini-lookbook lensed by Harper Smith. Lauren Hastings captures the carefree spirit of the collection and the effortless innocent vibe with extreme ease, making the pieces along with jewelry all the more covetable. Eclectic prints or chrochet dresses are more than appealing for the boho girl inside of us and the feathers as pendants are the perfect addition to complete the simple yet extremely compelling outfit.

Relaxed yet uber stylish can be quite a challenging effect to achieve at times, yet it’s refreshing to see how the right accessories can really make everything a whole lot easier. Long layered necklaces and feathers might be the ones receiving the most attention, yet the fabulous rings on the model’s finger can be an equally good choice for those who are into less conspicuous pieces that still have a significant power to glam up an outfit.

Now’s the best time to explore your girly side and invest in jewelry that will instantly make even the most basic outfit pop up and appear more sophisticated in mere seconds and the newest LF Stores x LUV AJ collection is a great place to start if you’re thinking about spicing up your accessories collection, so decide on what pieces would most suit your personality and envision the fabulous effects you could get from the collection which can be purchased from all LF Stores.

Photo courtesy of LF Stores