Fashion stylists and designers put a heavy accent on accessories as they pose as the easiest method to perfecting and underlining one’s style. Individuality and style are achieved through mixing and matching various fashion items and one of the labels that demonstrated the power of accessories is Kenzo. The brand’s resort 2013 collection was a delight to watch as the perfectly cut garments and the fabulous prints that have become a signature of the brand enhanced through the addition of hot, drama accessories, captured attention like a magnet and proved that fashion is without boundaries.

The label is known to infuse its designs with edginess and youthfulness achieved through innovative designs or vivacious pigments and color combinations and the accessories featured in the resort 2013 are surely not straying away from these characteristics. Featuring gorgeous shoe designs as well as pretty pouches and sunglasses, Kenzo’s resort 2013 collection proves its worth, so check out all the designs and find out which are the ones that manage to lure in all your attention.

Hence you can use accessories to ‘own a look’ and underline your personality, the designer opted for fabulous shoes that range from pretty sandals to ballet flats and flats, meaning you can adapt the shoes to your outfit without too much effort. These are the most popular shoe designs of the pre-spring 2013 season, so browse through the strappy Nairobi Humberto sandals, the Brenda Tassel flats, the Tao Humberto and Tao Poppy flat sandals as they are all fabulous. The multi-chromatic or thorn-like straps offer the designs that extra dose of edginess that makes heads turn and that can help give your look a unique allure.

Fun prints and cool pouches are the perfect combo to liven up an outfit and Kenzo’s proposition includes bright colors and fun animal prints: literally. Tigers as well as leopard/tiger prints displayed on a yellow, coral-red and green base seem like a perfect option for the season, so choose your favorite from the Jungle Tiger Letters or Topic Sunset pouches.

If you’re ready to give your look a total style-over, Kenzo proposes you choose their cool two-tone sunglasses. While their price is a bit steep ($1000), their effects are guaranteed as the round, unique style and cool coloration of the sunnies will definitely make sure you won’t go by unnoticed. Dare to go bolder with your style with Kenzo and make sue your new season wardrobe makes you feel like a true style icon!

Photos courtesy of Moda Operandi