Kate Spade’s spring 2011 Lookbook accessory collection has managed to pleasantly surprise with a fabulous accessories collection which suits the new season perfectly. Color seems to be the must have of the 2011 spring/summer season and Kate managed to underline this perfectly. It seems that neons are not out and we absolutely love this. The neon shades chosen by Kate Spade are fabulous and have the ability to instantly bring a smile on our faces.

Kate Spade seems to be a highly talented designer as she flirts with fashion outfits as well as handbags, accessories, jewelry and shoes. Her incredible fashion sense enables Kate Spade to create innovative designs which attract a generous amount of attention. The Kate Spade spring 2011 collection emphasizes the incredible versatility of the collection as one can find some fabulous classic pieces among the youthful, flirty and fun pieces.

Kate Spade Spring 2011 Handbags

It seems that play a very important role when it comes to style as they have the ability to complete the look of an outfit is the right choice is made. There are a variety of handbags styles to choose from and Kate Spade presented a variety of fabulous handbags in her 2011 Lookbook.

From classic handbags to fun, eye catching clutches, Kate Spade has created a handbag for everyone. There are handbags which suit formal occasions as well as casual ones and which exude funkiness or glamor depending on personal preference. Not all women have the same preferences so you can select the handbag which suits your style. A handbag is more than an accessory which helps carry your personal belongings, it is an accessory which can transform the look of your outfit. Go for the classic classic shoulder bag if you want a more classic-casual look or go for a funky neon clutch for a fun and flirty look!

Jewelry is and will always be a favorite when it comes to fashion accessories as jewelry can most definitely transform and complete the look of an outfit and there are endless possibilities to choose from as jewelry designs vary widely. One of the jewelry designs which manages to instantly brighten up an outfit is the fabulous tutti-fruitti collar necklace which features fabulous multi-colored square plates displaced on two rows around the neck.

Colored bangles as well as fabulous rings can also help complete the look of your stylish outfit so don’t hesitate to choose the jewelry designs which suit your style best!

When it comes to shoes no woman will say enough as there is always more room for shoes. Shoes are not only a must when it comes to people they are also an accessory which plays a major role in the look of an outfit as well as when it comes to style. There are a variety of shoe styles available to choose from and Kate Spade seems to choose comfort over everything. The shoe designs exude comfort as well as style so you can go for lovely flat neon sandals,, fabulous wedge sandals as well as stylish ballerina shoes. The shoes have a very stylish and casual feel so they are perfect for everyday, casual wear!

Do mix and match different fashion items from Kate Spade spring 2011accessory collection and create a perfect outfit for the new season!

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