The first fashion house to design a guitar – Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel guitar

Every season, each designer is trying to impress and conquer its public with its creations, clothes, accessories, and lately, all kinds of unusual accessories.

The French luxury brand Chanel has its own history when it comes to special items, like bikes, snowboards, skis, fishing rods and, lately, guitars.

Let’s be honest and recognize that all these aren’t exactly created with a day-by-day purpose, but they are created for fashion lovers that need a little extra or extraordinary in their lives.

Chanel Guitar in 2009 Spring RTW Collection

Available in black or white, Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel guitar comes branded as it’s supposed to, with the Chanel logo visible through the sound hole and on the leather strap, and made of spruce wood. So did Karl Lagerfeld manage to surprise us one again? I’m pretty sure he did, with this hot new thing easy to buy from a Chanel boutique at an estimated price of $5,450.

2009 Spring RTW Chanel Guitar

The 2009 spring/summer RTW Chanel guitar is the most surprising accessory of this summer. Laughing, Karl Lagerfeld explains it: “Coco Chanel had an affair with Stravinsky, mine was with a guitar!” Lagerfeld’s vision is elegantly translated into a wide guitar strap in brown, black and white stripe, with the Chanel logo on the leather detail. Also, there’s a white, quilted leather guitar case, to hold the Chanel guitar. So, are you ready to play a little?