The right accessories can make or break your summer look, so updating your looks with a few trendy pieces of jewelry is definitely the right choice for a stylish summer. With the right necklace or cuffs, you can create a more edgy and fresh look.

From shapes and colors to other cool trends, get ready to upgrade your style with the best jewelry trends for summer 2014 and you’ll always feel gorgeous this season. Find out which runway trends stood out and are making a big splash for jewelry this summer.

Zodiac Jewelry

Get in touch with the stars through your horoscope sign. Featured heavily on the runway during the Valentino spring/summer 2014 show, zodiac jewelry is getting big. 

Zodiac Jewelry Summer 2014

Whether it’s pendants for your neck or wrist or a pair of earrings with your horoscope sign, go for this fresh trends that’s perfect for talisman loving fashionistas.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shaped Jewelry Summer 2014

One of biggest jewelry trends for summer 2014, geometric shapes are equally suitable for women who love simple jewelry or for lovers of more intricate shapes. Whether it’s perfect spheres as earrings or necklaces with sharp geometric edges, don’t ignore this great trend. You can also rock it with cool cuffs, another cool trend for the season.

Primary Colors

Primary Colors Jewelry Summer 2014

If you’re wondering what are the hottest colors this season, go for bright primary colors. Seen on the runway during Fashion Week shows for Céline, Kenzo, Prabal Gurung, and Chanel, jewelry in primary colors works best in simple shapes, but more delicate pieces adorned with brightly colored stones are also a good idea.


Chain Jewelry Summer 2014

Delicate or chunky, chains are among the best jewelry trends for summer 2014. Featured in collections from Balmain, Valentino, Rodarte and Saint Laurent, chains come in all shapes and sizes, but large and chunky ones are the hottest part of the trend. Bring out your bling this summer, and accessorize your simple summer dresses with high-impact chain jewelry.


Pastel Jewelry Summer 2014

When you’re not going for a bright look, pastels are another cool trend for jewelry this season. From greens to neutrals and pinks, pastel colors can create a softer look. Working well with rough cut natural stones, the pastel trend isn’t completely new, but it’s going strong this season when it comes to stylish jewelry.


Crystals Jewelry Summer 2014

One of the biggest jewelry trends for summer 2014, crystals work in every piece, but they’re especially trendy in earrings and necklaces. Seen on the runway at Fashion Week along with collections from Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin and Rochas, crystals are a major trend. You can also go for crystal bracelets and even crystal hair accessories.


Gunmetal Jewelry Summer 2014

From sterling silver to gunmetal, metallic grays have made a big impact on the runway. Either sculpted in delicate shapes or chunky with a modern, geometric edge, silver heavy metals are a very cool trend for this summer. Used by everyone from Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent to Proenza Schouler and Balenciaga, gunmetal pieces are a must-have.


Cuff Bracelets Summer 2014

From the cool warrior cuffs showcased during the Alexander McQueen runway show to the arty and cute cuffs at Céline, cuffs are definitely one of the most important jewelry trends for summer 2014. Whether you prefer a more boho look or a stylish edge, go for cuffs this summer. Whether in metal or natural stones, cuffs are a great accessory for this season.


Runway Watch Trends Summer 2014

After a long absence from the runway, watches are returning in two incarnations. While Ralph Lauren champions the retro watch, other designers have went for a modern approach to the watch as a fashion accessory. Bejeweled or with strong geometric lines, modern watches are another key trend of the season.

Feather Bracelets

Feather Bracelets Summer 2014

Seen on the runway during the Prada show, feather bracelets are also among the major jewelry trends for summer 2014. Delicate or part of a more complicated piece, that blends metal with crystal and feathers, bracelets featuring this accent are definitely in this season. Wear them with a statement necklace or matching hair accessories and you can’t go wrong with this cool summer trend.

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