The instinct of adorning is deeply embedded in our genes and with the multitude of fabulous jewelry pieces that are being released at the beginning of each season, it’s far too difficult to resist admiring these beauties and contemplate on the ways in which they will improve our outfits. The extensive Jean Paul Gaultier collection for the spring/summer 2012 brings different style directions and influences into the spotlight. Rings, bracelets, necklaces or cuffs are among the main offerings of the brand for the warm months.

Chicness and complexity, romantic vibes, artistic touches or a hint of rock glamor blend beautifully into a collection which appeals to varied style preferences and desires. The choice of fabrics is among the same lines as although the majority of the pieces have strong metallic motifs, those who associate jewelry with delicate touches can find eclectic fabrics to match this need in terms of self expression. Trend oriented shoppers will most likely adore the colorful pieces that brighten up an outfit and that match the cheerful spirit of these seasons.

The designs as a whole may attract all the attention, yet the details are the ones that truly create a unique vibe. Just like the spirit of the collection, eclecticism dominates. On the one hand, we have symbols with strong cultural associations like the dream catcher, fabulous embroideries that provide the special feeling that hand crafted items tend to be linked to artistic drawings while on the other hand floral motifs and feathers are used in creative ways to hint the new season trends while still maintaining a unique vibe as far as the allure is concerned.

Necklaces are undoubtedly the stars of the collection since they are the easiest way to make a statement due to their complexity and their length. A blend of textures, incredible craftsmanship and a total dedication for creating mesmerizing details that will never go unnoticed take the designs close to the covetable masterpieces status. Dare to make a complex jewelry piece the main focal point of your outfits and you’ll quickly raise the bar in terms of refinement.

Photo courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier