There are many possibilities of wearing a brooch. You can wear it with clothes, on a purse or tucked into an updo. Therefore, it’s important to have constantly a brooch into your bag as you never know when you might need it in order to refresh your look. Brooches have been in the fashion industry for centuries. In the Bronze Age, brooches were crafted of bronze and adorned with gemstones.

Later, brooches were found in different shapes and forms. The most popular were Celtic knots, cameos, as well as brooches shaped like insects, birds and flowers. The 20th century brought with it more fine and delicate brooches. Nowadays, brooches are considered as being important pieces and wearing a brooch means adding style and elegance to any outfit.

Clothes In general, brooches are meant to be attached to blazers, shirts, tops or dresses. A special brooch can transform a common outfit into a different, unique one. Moreover, the knot of a scarf can be covered by a beautiful brooch in order to add elegance. You can use a brooch to fasten a cardigan or a dress for a casual, everyday look. If you have a dresses or blouses with ribbons, apply a small brooch on the knot of the ribbon, and you’ll get a whole new look. You can also refresh an old, simple t-shirt by applying two or three brooches.

Without any doubt, a brooch works great on a plain evening dress. Pick one with butterfly or flower shape for a refined and chic appearance. Add an instant glam touch to your pencil skirt by applying a chic brooch.

Hair There is no doubt that brooches look great on clothes. Still, there are other creative and unique ways of wearing them. You can use a brooch as hairpin. You’ll get a romantic look and you’ll draw all the attention, especially if you choose a glittering brooch.

This is the perfect solution if you want to change your hairstyle in just a few minutes. Make a loose updo and tuck the brooch into it, and you’ll get a very chic look. Also, you can pin a brooch to a headband or to a hair ribbon. On the other hand, if you love wearing scarves as head wraps, just pin the brooch on the side.

Purse You can add a bit of luxury through this a small brooch. Pin it to a large handbag or to a clutch. A brooch looks great on an evening bag, but make sure you choose one that matches a color in your dress. If you have a simple clutch, attach a brooch and the result will be a beautiful evening handbag.

Necklaces and bracelets One unique way to personalize your necklaces is to choose a chain or a cord and attach a brooch made of semiprecious gemstones. The best part is that you can change the brooch everyday, and get different pendant necklaces according to your outfit. You can also attach a brooch on a fabric wristband and wear it like a nice jeweled bracelet.

Other tips and tricks

If you are wearing a low cut dress, pin a brooch at lowest point of your neckline.

Wear a scarf wrapped around the shoulders and secure it with a brooch.

Brooches can be used as chic buttons on a blouse.

You can pin a brooch on flat shoes. If you have two identical brooches, you can use them in order to decorate and refresh the last year pair of sandals.

For a glamorous outfit, attach the brooch on a hat.

A larger brooch can be very practical as you can use it to fasten your favorite cardigan.

Pin the brooch on a dull, common belt.

Brooches can be real savers when it comes to fashion disasters. You can forget zip-breaking or button-popping if you start carrying one or two brooches into your handbag.