Do you love fashion, breathe fashion? Find out how to start a fashion diary and have fun with creating new looks and ideas to get you inspired.

You don't have to be a great designer to start a fashion diary. In fact style blogs managed to become real popular due to the increasing interest of people for new trends. All you need is some ambition and brand new ideas. These guidelines will help you to start your own fashion diary.

The first step is to buy two books, one that you'll keep at home and another that'll join you through your little trips. The home-book can be decorated with your personal style fantasies and ideas.

Make it colorful and edgy, test the limits of different ideas. The more fascinating it will look the more inspiring it will be.

The street-book must be always at hand, in your purse or bag. It can be a tiny notebook, that will store your most precious ideas and plans.

The point is to note every flash that comes into your mind:draw, write or stick patterns, colors and materials if you like.

It will be super-fun if you decide to engage into this project. You'll be surprised how creative you can be when inspired.

Now, always introduce the thought from the street to the home-book, this way you'll make sure, these won't disappear.

You'll see, there's no need for elbow grease to do it. Make it in your spare time, it's productive and fascinating if you have a fashion bug.

Watch TV shows or concerts with your favorite celebrities.

You might steal some of their tricks and transform these ideas according to your own perspective.

Use your creativity to create brand new outfits and looks, play with some daring combos, extreme is not always kinky.

Copycat looks, if you've seen an ultra-chic outfit in a magazine cut the pic and put it into your fashion diary.

You might have the luck to find similar pieces at your local stores and mall. You never know how some stylish combos can update your image.

Always have a wishlist, businessman know that the first step to realize something is to write it down. So, put down the accessories and pieces your wardrobe lacks. Great ideas might fade very quickly, it would be a pity to miss the chance for an oh-so-fashion look.

Note the dos and don'ts you see on the street or on TV. Find your own principles without restricting yourself to stiff ideas, there are some guidelines that lead you through the process of finding your own fashion style. These will always remind you of fashion faux pas you see and don't want to repeat.