There are girls especially in teenage years, who tend to crave for large breasts. However specialists claim that the rate of those who want to have bigger breasts is equal with that of the women who request breast reduction. The following tips will help you in camouflaging your large breasts without going under the knife.

It is very important how you choose your bra. Every woman should know the size and type of bra that matches her figure. In this case purchase minimizing bras, these will make your breasts look visibly smaller. Larger boobs tend to sag more than smaller ones. Lifting is very important, you mustn’t feel uncomfortable that’s why try them before you actually buy them.

Ask a professional to help you in measuring yourself. Do this periodically to know if you wear the same size as you did earlier. These bras might be a bit costly but it is worth spending on it.

Let’s see some tricks on how to camouflage your rich boobs. It is recommended to wear baggy and wavy blouses instead of tight tops and shirts. Loose clothes as well as classic dark colored ones tend to hide your breasts.

Black is an all time favorite color for any outfit, that’s why include it into your wardrobe. However don’t restrain yourself to dark colors, you can wear vivid ones too, if you find the right shades for your skin and body shape.

Unfortunately big boobs can apparently add some extra pounds to your figure. An attractive cleavage can be very appealing, however if you want to minimize your breasts, avoid exposing it.

In fact it is unbelievable but plus size clothes will indeed make you look fabulous this time.

Tops with higher collar and neckline work perfectly for your size. V-neck is also OK until the neckline is not extremely deep. Empire necklines were specially designed for you, they hide the critical areas and show what’s best.

Stripes and different patterns are highly recommended since these will draw the attention from your ample chest. Try personalized tops and tees with different messages. People will concentrate on the overall image not your boobs.

If you are slim with big breasts, accentuate your legs by wearing skinny jeans. Find your strengths and try to shift the attention to those features. Have your own style and way of doing it. Wear dresses and accessorize them with belts to point out your waist. Doesn’t matter whether you’re slim or full-figured, you do have some basic gifts that can be revealed to others by a gorgeous outfit.

The keyword is layering, if you feel more comfortable with long tunics and tops pair these with cropped and a bit tighter cardigans and jackets. This will elongate your legs and will draw the attention to the bottom half of the body. Use your imagination to create your unique style.