Finding some flattering clothes for wide shoulders is not impossible especially if you know some principles to help you in it. There are millions of women who are not pleased with their figure since it might flash some masculine features. Broad shoulders can be easily masked into a delicate and ultra-feminine upper-torso.

In order to create the visual balance you should shift the emphasis from the shoulder to the more flattering body parts. This can be done with a few tricks as choosing the right patterns and cuts to buff up your outfits. Do a pronto makeover to your wardrobe and ditch out all the pieces that dress down your figure. Here are the basic styling steps to minimize broad shoulders.

V-neck Top V-neck Top V-neck Top


There’s no need to wear only long-sleeved and bulky clothes. If you have toned shoulders, it is time for you to flash them. The only condition to look gorgeous is to know how to set these body parts into the spotlight in a stylish way.

The length of the torso can influence the visual harmony of the body. Moreover, it can do a great favor to play down wide shoulders too. Long tops will draw the attention from the neck area and will put your legs into spotlight. Opt for clothes that add curves to your figure.

Sleeves are the central accessories when it comes to shoulders. In general, choosing the right style can have a great effect on the whole look. Plus-size ones are not your allies, the best way to show off your strengths is to wear kimonos and dolman sleeves, these will balance out the uneven proportions.

V-neck Dress V-neck Dress V-neck Dress

Broad shoulders can be easily masked with sleeves that don’t follow the natural line of these but rather stand lower than the top of the shoulders. Wear dark tones on the upper body and preferably lighter ones on the lower part. This contrast will successfully draw the focus to the narrower areas as the legs and the waist.

Straps can also dress up or down your look. Extremely thin straps will only lose in the image of broad shoulders. The best method to avoid this is to choose wide straps that will cover a large proportion of the shoulders and at the same time will harmonize the proportions.


Avoid wearing clothes that are tighter around the neck and upper torso. It is unflattering to flash the actual line of the shoulders since these emphasize the broadness of these. Instead, go for floaty and breezy tops or something in between. If you prefer something narrower, make sure that you leave out the critical spot and wear natural collars.

Kimono Sleeve Kimono Sleeve Kimono Sleeve

Keep away of square and boat necked tops and dresses. The trick when minimizing broad shoulders is to create the illusion of roundness. These geometrical styles would only spoil your overall look and can easily attract the attention from a nice bust and waist to the shoulders. The best choices in neckline styles are the V necklines and the lunging ones.

The patterns and colors of clothes also matter. Vivid shades and bright fabrics are no-no accessories of a hip outfit for broad shoulders. Moreover, skip tops or dresses and shirts that have any detail or decoration at the base of the shoulder. It is vital to blend the wide shapes into the overall look rather than emphasize them with any extra-effect.

Shoulder pads are the worst enemies of a fab outfit. Indeed, the latest trends promote the wearing of jackets and blazers with these accessories. However, for your look’s sake get rid of all the pieces of clothing that have pads. You don’t want to set any pointing fingers to your shoulders.