Finding the perfect bra is many times quite difficult. A properly fitting bra lays the foundation for every outfit. A well-chosen bra has a good effect on posture as well as on the tissues of the breast. On the one hand, if you choose a rough-fitting bra, it will let your breasts to sag, thus leading to back pains and various health problems. On the other hand, squeezing your breasts into bras that are too tight will cause discomfort and it can even be harmful for your health.

During our lives, breasts can change their size, therefore it is important to measure them from time to time in order to get the perfect bra. Let’s see the major steps of how to measure your bra size before going to the department store in order to find a bra that fits well, feels comfortable and looks amazing on you.

As a first step, measure around your body right above your breasts, exactly on the area under your arms. Make sure that you wrap the tape around you at the proper level, keeping it at the same height all the way around, without being twisted. If you hang the measuring tape too tight or too low, you may get the wrong bra size. The number you get will indicate the same bra band size. If the result is not a round number or it is a fraction of a number, round up to the next even number.

In order to determine the size of the cup, measure your body around the fullest part of your breasts. This is the trickiest measurement of all. The best way to get the proper measurement is to measure it two times. Then take the result and subtract it with the number of the first measuring, that of the band size. If the result is 1 inch than your cup size will be ‘A’. Every inch you measure after it is equivalent with the next size, as follows: 1”=A, 2”=B, 3”=C, 4”=D and so on. Again, if the result is not an even number, round up to find the perfect fit.

One of the most important things when buying a bra is to try the chosen piece before buying. It is essential if you want to get the best fitting bra that you feel comfortable wearing. Don’t be afraid to try on different sizes and styles in order to get a clear picture about what suits you best. Many times the measurements can differ on every brand.

Another important thing is to look for the hook, because it will loosen with washing and usage. Opt for a bra that is tight even at the loosest hook. The ideal bra would fit on the middle of the hook, and you should easily insert two fingers under the band all the way round.

Always check for the conversion chart found on the inside part of the bra to select the proper size according to your country. Don’t forget that not all the manufacturers produce the same size that generally fits you.

Trying on the bras before buying is essential if you want to find the best-fitting bra. Make sure that you try it out when sitting and standing as well, in order to make sure that it is comfortable and pay attention to the straps as well. A perfectly fitting bra will boost your confidence, making you look more attractive in every outfit you wear.