Bras are designed to support and enhance the breast shape during every day activities.

There are many styles of brassieres designed to be worn depending on what women are looking for. The designs vary in style, shape, fashion, fabric, color, including t-shirt or nursery bras, balconettes, half-cups and so on.

Most women prefer to wear a push-up bra because you can get an instant bust lift that looks firm and natural. They are designed so that they lift and place the breasts closer together to enhance the cleavage.

How to Find the Perfect Bra

Many push-up bras contain padding or even air bags or gel pouches to lift the breast. Women with smaller chest often opt for a padded brassiere.

They are designed to provide a fuller shape for small breasts by padding inside the lining of the bra.

The padded bra differs from the push-up bra, since the push-up bra lift breasts and the padded bra pushes the breast inwards and upwards.

Sport bras are designed to offer support for the breasts during exercising.

Strapless bras are designed to be worn with clothes that reveal the shoulders.

Water bras or gel bras have water or gel filled cups that make your breasts appear fuller.

The bra sizing in the US is the following: AA – A – B – C – D – DD – DDD – E – EE – EEE

To find out your cup size you need to measure around the fullest part of the bust and subtract the band size number.

The standard cup sizes in the US are: from

0 to 1½ inches —– A cup 1½ to 2½ inches ———– B cup 2½ to 3½ inches ———– C cup 3½ to 4½ inches ———– D cup 4½ to 5½ inches ———– DD/E cup 5½ to 6½ inches ———– F cup 6½ to 7½ inches ————G cup

To find the band size, measure around the chest where the bra strap would go and round the number up or down depending on how fit or loose you want it to be.

When shopping for a bra, never buy it without trying it under a shirt.

Most bras can look fabulous alone, but they can add odd bumps and lines when worn with clothing.

The ideal bra is one that can look gorgeous by itself, but still creates a sleek and clean shape under clothing.