Often women appeal to cosmetic surgery in order to increase their breast size. Indeed it should be the last options when there are so many fashion tips that can create the illusion of a rich bosom. Moreover there’s no need to ditch out all the low-necked tops when there’s still chance to wear them with great style. In a few steps you’ll be able to bring out the best of your features without any extra effort.

The key to overwhelming success lies in the style choices you make. Feel free to improve your fashion skills and pair the best pieces to your body shape.

Small bust is not a rarity and mostly take a peek at catwalk models and how they manage to look hot still wearing max a cup size AA. Gather some confidence of their look and sport your favorite clothes with dazzling style-consciousness.

The following tips will help you in learning how to dress to enhance small bust.


The perfect lingerie can do miracles with your bust size. Indeed when organizing a fab outfit it is worth starting at the basics. The world of fashion offers several options to enhance our small breasts.

Push up bras are one of the greatest inventions of the industry. Those who are in great need of confidence load might consider opting for a padded bra that will add volume and fine lines to your cleavage. Indeed it is essential to wear the best bra size in order to impress.

There are several designs that not only enhance your bust size but also give a nice shape to your breasts. One of the basic guidelines to choose bras by is to find the perfect cup and band size. More importantly try these lingerie pieces before you would purchase them.


It’s time to debunk the greatest misconceptions on how and what to wear to emphasize small busts. The keyword is balance, there’s no need to hide either behind extra-large blouses or to flash what you got by wearing ultra-tight tops. Necklines are more important details than the size. In order to look fabulous choose tops that lack an extremely low cut.

There’s no need to show what you haven’t got, instead go for ruffles and frills. A scoop neckline decorated with these tiny accessories will do a great favor for your look. Other necklines that flatter your bust are gathered and boat as well as crew and asymmetrical necklines. These ornaments will draw the attention from the bust to other strengths on your body.

Furthermore horizontal lines will immediately shrink the hips and create the illusion of bigger breasts.


Small chested women actually don’t know how lucky they really are. If you feel uncomfortable wearing specialized tops, you’ll feel more confident when it comes of dresses. Indeed those who have a smaller breast size are free to wear backless and even extra low-cut ones too.

There’s no need to panic that you’ll flash something that should be masked, these dress styles offer you the proper support and elegance when sporting them.

Drape neck styles work also miraculously. Whether you test them on tops or dresses the secret is to choose the colors and lines that flatter your skin tone and other features of your body. In fact an ancient trick of stylists is to minimize the size of the waist and this way the bust will appear larger.

Joggling with the proportions can be best achieved with belts and horizontal lines on the waist. This way you’ll efficiently shift the attention to your bust rather than camouflaging it.