Learning how to choose your swimsuit is essential if you wish to look dazzling even when on the beach. Fashion plays a very important role in physical appearance and it doesn’t limit itself to street wear, looking stylish even when on vacation on a beach is a must as beauty and style have no boundaries.

Women love to look and feel gorgeous and swimsuits can contribute greatly to enhancing or diminishing your gorgeousness just like any other fashion accessory. There are a variety of swimsuit styles meant to suit the fashion trends and different body types. It is well known that women have different body shapes thus need different style bathing suit styles to benefit their figure by enhancing the best parts of the body and concealing the flaws. Nobody is perfect but a perfect swimsuit can create the illusion of a perfect body.

The new swimsuit trends are absolutely amazing as there are a variety of amazing styles to choose from. Vintage as well as modern styles allow women to choose their swimsuit according to their fashion style and preference. To help you choose right try to take the following advice into consideration:

For women with a pear shaped body:

go for a one piece or a two piece swimsuit depending on personal preference.

if you are going for a two piece try to choose a swimsuit with the bottom part deep cut to reveal as much of the leg as possible this will help create a lengthening effect, balancing your silhouette. Choose a simple colored bottom part that is darker in color than the top to draw attention away from the lower body

try to get a colored top that will attract attention.

if you are choosing a one piece try to get a swimsuit with a colorful print on the upper part or a swimsuit with a design meant to draw attention upwards as this is the effect you should opt for.

Herve Ledger Herve Ledger

For women with a large bust

women with a large bust should definitely pay attention to support as the heavy breasts will need the right swimsuit style to look fabulous. Choose a two piece swimsuit with a halter-top as it will offer you the right support.

if you are looking for a one piece swimsuit choose one with foam cups for extra support

For women with a small bust

if you have a small bust try to look for a swimsuit that is smaller in size such as the Brazilian style swimsuits as they will offer your body the balance it needs.

if you choose a two piece swimsuit make sure you opt for a push up bra as it will offer you the illusion of a bigger bust

try a cut out one piece swimsuit as they are fabulous and the new designer swimsuit collections look absolutely fabulous

Choose the swimsuit that you feel comfortable in as this way you will be able to radiate confidence and there is nothing else sexier than a confident woman who feels great in her own skin. Try to remember that you are looking for a balanced look as this way you will not go wrong! Photos via style.com

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