The big day is here. Besides the wedding gown you have carefully chosen, the accessories must also match. Shoes, jewelry or handbag, everything should be in perfect harmony.

Lingerie Before choosing your lingerie, you should take into consideration a few important things. First of all, you should pick the items that flatter you the most. Be realistic and analyze your best features, and especially your flaws. Choose items that hide flaws and emphasize your qualities. Also, make sure you try on the items before buying them. And no go for a model just because it looks good in the picture, and think if it matches to your personality and style. Therefore, if you are more the innocent type, choose simple, white or warm colored items. On the other hand, if you are into the provocative and sexy style, go for strong colors such as red. If you like to play, you can mix different styles and colors. As for the fabric, silk, lace and satin are the best options.

Shoes Choosing the right pair of shoes for your marriage is not an easy thing to do as it means time, good taste, and other key elements such as the wedding gown, or the place of the wedding. And, we shouldn’t forget that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing them.

Your shoes shouldn’t necessarily match the dress, but the other accessories instead, like the flowers from the bouquet, or other items. Event though pumps remain the classic type of shoes that work great for every wedding dress style, you can also go for sandals, ballet flats for a retro look, or boots for a winter wedding. As for the color of the shoes, you can choose white and match them with your dress, or you can play with contrasts.

Hair accessories On your wedding day everything is possible. If in the past a veil was an essential item for a bride, nowadays you can choose a tiara or flowers for your hair depending on other elements such as your dress. Everything is allowed as long as you shine. If your dress has a few flowers on it, you can put flowers into your hair too. On the other hand, if your dress is more elegant and sophisticated, or it is too embroidered, a tiara would make you look like a princess. Anyway, if you are going for a tiara, you should make sure it flatters your face shape. If you are bolder, you can choose a hat in the same color with your dress, or one in a more edgy and contrasting color. You can also choose a mantilla veil.

Jewelry Despite all superstitions, pearls remain the most beautiful and elegant jewelry items for a wedding. The size and the color of the jewelry must be chosen so they match to the color of the dress, but also to your skin complexion, your neck, shoulder and arm size, to the hairstyle, the flowers in the bouquet, and especially to your personality. Keep it rather simple and avoid overloading the outfit. If you have short hair, choose small earrings, and if you have long, loose hair on your wedding day, chandelier earrings work perfectly. As for the bracelet and the necklace, pearls would be a simple option, yet chic and sophisticated. If you have a strapless dress, you can pick a more spectacular necklace.

Handbag and gloves Every bride needs a handbag. Choose it based on your dress. If your dress is rather classic, your handbag should have a square shape. If your dress is more extravagant go for a round shaped handbag with embellishments. A clutch can also work. For a plus of elegance, gloves are the key element.