Finding the right winter scarf or shawl is probably one of the easiest things to do, as you always go for the color or combination of colors that suit you the most, and the fabric you think is the most cozy and soft. However, choosing the perfect winter hat is another story as things get a little complicated in this case. Now, you have to consider the fabric this one is made of, the color, different ways you can accessorize it, your face shape, but also your lifestyle and personal taste.

There are so many different styles and shapes of winter caps available on the market. There are the unisex ones, but also those that are specially created for women, which are more stylish and can be worn to various outfits. You can invest in a few winter caps that you can adapt according to the event and the look. Or, you can buy one that works with any type of outfit. For those of you who are more into the playful, girly look, try the funny beanies with bear ears or bear face, or the colorful bobble hats.

The hat is also a very stylish winter accessory. You should choose one that makes you feel good and comfortable. If you want to take into consideration the rules of morphology, then keep in mind that high crown and medium sized brims work great for round faces, while wide brim and low crown for long faces.

A hat should be chosen only if you think you can wear it as this is a quite special accessory that tends to become a more personal item able to make a fashion statement. Moreover, a hat is the perfect choice when you want to hide a bad hair day. You can choose a masculine hat, which is so versatile, and wear it with loose pants or a long dress and boots.

Another option would be the beret, which is most flattering for longer faces as it creates the illusion of a rounder face shape. Go for a beret made from wool, cable stitch and rather big, one that you can be situated somewhere between the beret and the oversize cap. This winter, you can wear it in a glamorous and feminine, yet effortless way, with an elegant outfit. Usually, the beret looks very stylish when worn in a very relaxed style, a little lopsided.

As fur is one of the most popular fabrics for fall/winter 2010-2011, consider buying a fur Cossack hat or a trapper one that will keep you warm during the cold winter days. Moreover, you can adopt the already extremely famous military style and choose an aviator hat. This way, you will not only be trendy, but this cool hat cannot be blown off by powerful winter winds.

One of the most sensitive parts of our body during winter are the ears. Exposed to wind and cold they can cause headaches or earaches. Therefore, it is very important to take care of them by choosing the perfect ear warmers. Moreover, earmuffs can be the saving solution for those of you who have a very sensitive skin and the hat worn on the forehead can cause serious redness. Earmuffs are both comfortable and practical. Another great choice would be a winter headband in different colors or with beautiful embellishments, such as knitted bows or flowers.