Statistics say that almost 80% of women don’t know how to choose the right bra for their size. Therefore, in the future, they will have to face back problems and drooping breasts. The bra is the key element that needs special attention when choosing it. Women must be conscious that a bra must cover entirely the mammary tissue.

Even if there are so many options, not all women manage to find the right, comfortable bra. Sometimes they pick out the same wrong size. Whenever choosing a bra, in order to know if it is the perfect one, you must take into consideration a few elements such as:

Cup size

If the size of the cups are too big and they don’t cover the breasts, then an empty space will be created between the skin and the fabric. If the sizes are too small the bra will only cause injuries to the ligaments.


The straps of a bra can be easy adjusted, but you need to pay attention to the way they fit to the body. If the strap raises then it’s too big, but if it leaves marks on the skin, it’s too small and it cuts into shoulders. Straps must be adjustable and have good elasticity.


The perfect fabric for an every day bra is cotton as it allows the skin to breath and it doesn’t provoke allergy and irritations. Try to avoid an underwired bra as they are pretty noxious due to their forced support of the breasts.

The right size

In order to choose the proper bra, you should know which is the right size for you. You can find the right size by measuring around the body under the bust, then around the fullest part of your breasts and the difference between the two represents the cup size. Therefore, if the result is under 2.5 cm, then you are cup A, 2.5-5 cm means cup B, bigger than – cup C, over 7.5 is cup D. If you don’t find yourself in none of these measurements, you shouldn’t worry as there are special bras that come to your aid.

Bra types

Padded bra. This type of bra is special created in order to add a few centimeters to all women who long for a sexy cleavage and want to add volume to smaller breasts. They have the option of removing the pads according to the occasion or mood.

Push-up bra. These bras offer a natural lift of the breasts. Don’t exaggerate as the result can be unnatural and even ridiculous. Don’t forget that a bra can not change the structure of your body, but it can emphasize your feminine features.

Minimizer bra. This is a special bra for large-breasted women conferring a more supple aspect.

Sports bra. This type is different from the every day bra as it is more compact, covering successfully the breasts in order to avoid discomfort, the material used lets the skin breath and the straps are wider. These bras are made for active women as they are supportive by holding the breasts in place during motion, and therefore reducing damage to soft tissues of the chest.

Maternity bra. Because during pregnancy a woman’s breasts become heavier, larger and more sensitive, it is necessary that their support to be made by adjustable, practical and comfortable bras.

Half-cup bra. As the name suggests this bra covers only half the breasts, providing maximum exposure for a special effect.

Strapless bra. These are specially made for bare shoulders clothes when you need breast support without visible effects. This bra comes detachable straps or “invisible” straps for the same subtle effect.

Discreet bras give the possibility to wear tight clothes as they create a natural shape of the breasts.

Underwired bra offers support for all cup sizes, from A to D, and it also maintains the shape of a bra. Choose this type of bra so it never irritates you or you might find it painful and uncomfortable.