Balancing body proportions can be done in a variety of ways. The most popular way of balancing proportions and looking slimmer is to choose clothing items according to various criteria. Maximizing the slimming effect of the outfits you choose without sacrificing your personal sense of style is not only entirely possible but also very easy. All you need to do is to understand how the style of a certain accessory creates a favorable optical effect for your silhouette and to put your new expanded knowledge to work by choosing accessories that match your body type and your personal preferences.

Accessories are a great way to perk up your style and emphasize the features you are proud of by drawing attention to them. Any accessory but especially oversized accessories will draw attention in the area where it’s placed so it’s important to wear accessories that will accentuate our best qualities while camouflaging the body parts we are not exactly proud of. Here are a few tips on how various accessories can be used to make create a polished appearance and to make you appear slender effortlessly:

Jewelry A set of linear earrings can instantly make a round face look slimmer by elongating it. Similarly a knotted necklace can emphasize a beautiful bust line drawing attention from the lower part of the body. If you choose to wear monochromatic clothes to appear slimmer, than a layered necklace will help you freshen up your look by creating interest.

However, avoid chunky necklaces as these will most likely have a different effect than the one you are trying to get. A large pendant necklace on the other hand can help you balance your overall look.

Belts Belts are a great way to define your body by creating a segmentation as long as you choose the style that most compliments your body type. The style of the belt will depend mostly on your physical characteristics but as general rule a belt that is one or two inches thick will be a good choice for most body types. In order to take maximum advantage of the slimming effect that this stylish accessory can have you should place the belt on your thinnest upper body area.

Bags Because a bag is an indispensable accessory you should be extremely careful about the choices you make when it comes to bags. An important aspect to remember if you are full figured is that you should avoid wearing straps around the body as these will not compliment you in any way.

When choosing bags it’s best to choose the ones that do not mirror our body shape. If you are heavy on the upper part of the body opt for a tote bag or an oversized clutch. If however you are pear shaped than a shoulder bag will be a flattering option for you.

Shoes Finding shoes that make your legs look slimmer is the ultimate shoe shopping excuse. Aside from choosing high heels which is a classic way to visually erase a few pounds you have a lot of other options as well. If you have thick legs it’s best to avoid strappy sandals which emphasize width even more.

If you have thick ankles for example than you will benefit from choosing shoes that have chunky heels. In this case you should stay away from round peep toe sandals as well as rounded in general. Even kitten heels can have a great slimming effect when chosen right. To get the maximum benefits make sure to choose dark colored shoes.