Regardless of brand and price, your lingerie needs special care. There are several ways on how to care for your lingerie, maintain their quality and good shape.

The following ideas will provide you with useful tips on how to care for your lingerie. Washing lingerie is a tricky task, since you have to follow exactly the instructions mentioned on the label.

The best way to care for your lingerie is to wash them by hand. The temperature of the water is also very important, make it cold to avoid any damage. To enjoy wearing it as long as possible use detergents that are gentle on the fabric. Soak your panties and bras in the water for 2-3 minutes.

If you stick to the washing machine, then place them into a lingerie wash bag or a pillow liner. Be careful with the colors, wash bright and white colored lingerie separately.

Also take care of zippers and other details, if you let these undone – these can easily ruin your favorite pieces.

Let your bras dry naturally, some drying machines might deteriorate and stretch your lingerie. Artificial drying can make spandex and Lycra break down, making it look dull and overused.

Don’t expose it to direct sunlight either – their color might easily fade, so be careful and dry them flat.

Some might store their lingerie in the same place as other clothes. Wrong! It is recommended to store them separately. Keep them in order by pairing them according to fabric, color or type.

It is also useful to place white tissue paper under and over refined fabrics. If you have a wooden drawer, be careful – in contact with any material can cause irreversible damage. Keep your bras separate from stockings to avoid any snagging.

Test your clothes that you wear over lingerie. Some might color them, especially jeans and other dark fabrics. If you don’t want to throw out these pieces, the only solution would be to wear dark colored lingerie underneath them. Be careful if the tragedy already happened bleaching might ruin light fabrics.

Never clean only a spot on your lingerie. Especially silk, can deteriorate due to scrubbing and squeezing. For the sake of these wash them completely and never soak silk.

Another tip would be to keep away your undergarments from perfume or any deodorant as these can stain them. Let your lingerie breath and rest, don’t use and clean them excessively.