Costume jewelry is a growing trend, but just because it’s accessible doesn’t mean it will also look great on you. Some fake stones look better than others, but there’s more to choosing jewelry that will look luxe with a small price tag.

Find out how to find expensive looking jewelry and how to wear it for the maximum effect. When you can’t spend too much on your accessories, follow these great tips to get the most out of your investment and complete your style.

Invest in Sets

Jewelry sets are usually priced well, and you’re getting a deal compared to buying the pieces on their own. However, when you’re buying a cheap set, it’s important to always wear the pieces separately. When they’re all together, clues about their less than great quality add up. So save some money by getting a set, but make sure every component can be paired with other pieces from your jewelry collection.

Avoid Anything That Looks Junior

Even when they’re very expensive, some pieces just look cheap. From charm bracelets to different types of jewelry in bright colors or cute shapes (animals or insects), they’re never the answer to the question of how to find expensive looking jewelry. If it has hearts or other easily recognizable shapes, then you’re better off passing, since they won’t look sophisticated and expensive.

Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

Choose Semi-Precious Stones Over Fake Gem Stones

While cubic zirconia can make a decent substitute for diamonds, fake colored gems usually end up looking like they’re made from plastic. Clears crystals are also a good option, but one way to find expensive looking jewelry is to choose natural semi-precious stones. They tend to look a lot more sophisticated than anything fake.

Try Wood

It’s obvious that you should stay away from anything made of plastic, but some metal pieces of jewelry can look equally fake. When you’re not sure what to choose between an inexpensive metal or a wood piece, always go for the wood. Depending on the finishing, you can find plenty of wood pieces that look both sophisticated and expensive.

Expensive Looking Earings

Scale Down the Beads

It doesn’t matter how much you like the colors, beads on a string will always be just that, and most of them end up looking cheap. One secret to finding expensive looking jewelry is to scale down the beads as much as possible. Look for jewelry with clean lines that only use very few small beads as accents. Usually, the bigger they are, the cheaper they’ll look and they can also age you.

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Avoid Very Shiny Metals

Gold has a gorgeous shine, but most cheaper alternatives end up being too shiny, which just makes them look fake. When you can’t afford the real thing or even plated jewelry, it’s best to choose darker colors. That doesn’t mean you should go for pieces with fake distressing. Look for jewelry that looks new, but doesn’t go too bright with the color and shine.

Expensive Looking Jewelry Set

Skip the Feathers

Even when they’re on trend, feathers only look good for a short time. Don’t invest in earrings or necklaces with feathers, since they’ll end up looking cheap very soon. The trick to find expensive looking jewelry when you like feathers is to get the feather motif in either metal or bone.

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Pay Attention to Weight and Movement

One of the most important criteria when you’re buying cheaper jewelry is so make sure that it has relatively the same weight as the real thing. Try it on and make sure that the movement doesn’t betray how lighter it actually is compared to precious metals and stones.

Expensive Looking Jewelry

Protect Your Skin from Cheap Metals

After you’ve managed to find expensive looking jewelry, it’s important to avoid one of the most common problems associated with metals like copper, nickel and even silver, which can stain your skin. The right way to avoid it is to coat the parts of the jewelry that touch your skin in clear nail polish.