Nicole Richie has once again managed to surprise with a wonderful, uber-artistic jewelry collection designed by House of Harlow for the fall 2011 season. Check out every piece of the collection and transform your look instantly so you can look like a true diva!

Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 has given life to another amazing jewelry collection for fall 2011, a collection that is a perfect representation of Nicole's style. With a high dose of vintage and a boho vibe, the collection poses as a great way to make a fashion statement, each design radiating creativity.

The artistic approach to the collection makes each piece worth all your attention, so if you're all about unique details, check out House of Harlow 1960 fall 2011 jewelry collection. Nicole has been surrounded by amazing costumes since early age and, in time, she has developed an amazing fashion sense that has become highly appreciated especially these past couple of years.

Nicole has always believed in the power of transformaion fashion has and so she has created the Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 brands to enable people to express their personality and style.
The House of Harlow 1960 jewelry collection for fall 2011 gives you a chance to transform your look through your favorite fashion pieces, as accessories are known to not only be style boosters, but they also feature amazing transformation properties. Tribal details, bohemian glamour and vintage elements can be observed on every creative piece featured in the new collection, so if you love to emphasize your style and are not afraid to play around with interesting, very artistic jewelry pieces, this collection is a perfect match for you.

Nicole Richie says that “I’ve always loved the possibility of being able to transform yourself through the way of dress” and this collection can definitely enable you to add a little bit more drama and style to your outfits. Because not everyone can find themselves in the same details, Nicole has tried to create a vast range of designs, from gorgeous statement pieces to simple, vintage-vibe pieces that are subtle yet cannot be overlooked.

Fringe details, carefully carved details, armour rings, fabulous gems and antler inspired details dominate the collection, so direct your attention towards the pieces that can underline your personality best. Accentuate your amazing outfit by opting for statement details featuring your favorite accessory color. Most designs come in two color variations, gold plated or silver, but you can also find rose gold plated designs, just so you can look stunning at all events.

Lovely hoop earrings, dangling earrings, Mohawk rings, armor claw rings, statement necklaces, stylish cuffs and the boho must haves are the jewelled headpieces that Nicole seems to love.
Check out the new collection signed House of Harlow 1960 and make sure you look absolutely amazing this new season, as a true fashionista never overlooks the importance of her accessories.

Photos courtesy of House of Harlow 1960