A little style upgrade has never hurt anyone and investing in fabulous accessories can be just the right option for an array of interesting choices that can instantly place a creative spin on many outfits. As always, Swedish retailer H&M is here to help its customers face the new season fashion challenges with flying colors.

As the days become shorter and colder, investing in cozy, vividly colored accessories can help us keep our spirits and our style quotient high. Comfort and versatility are many times a major concern and selecting items that have the perfect balance between style and functionality is easy if you know what to focus your attention on. Neutral and dark tones are great if you are looking for accessories that can be easily adapted to various outfits. Comfy ankle boots and spacious handbags to keep your most important possessions are some of the accessories endorsed by the brand that can easily meet these criteria.

When it comes to seasonal accessories such as hats or scarfs, the looks put together by the brand reflect a different approach, opting for vibrant colors and fun patterns that instantly create interest and make an outfit stand out almost instantly. Trendy motifs such as toned down floral prints, fun animal theme inspired details or simply eye-popping tones are great choices for a quick update.

Photo courtesy of H&M