Still searching for the most flattering style items to glam up your new season outfits? Look no further, the beloved fashion brand, H&M offers you the chance to pick your fave handbags, shoes and other accessories that can inject a modern and high street flair into your apparel.

The H&M Accessories Collection 2011 includes colorful wardrobe staples you should definitely take into consideration when upgrading your wardrobe. Take inspiration from the hottest lookbooks and master the art of accessorizing. Mix/match different shades and shapes to create a unique impression. Dress up and feel the summer groove that encourages you to take a modern turn on accessories selection.

H&M High Heels Shoes H&M Flat Shoes H&M Flat Shoes H&M Flat Shoes

H&M Shoes

H&M holds the key to every fashionista’s heart with this generous set of footwear designs. These ultra-flirty and extremely wearable designs will pamper your feet and offer you confidence to flaunt your dainty side. There’s nothing like the hottest high heels and wedges that adapt to the ever changing needs of the style pack. Looking flawless and inspiring is essential during the sunny season.

Match these cute footwear models with your high class looks and prepare for the ultimate challenge of selecting your fave shoes designs from an infinite range of accessories. Flats prove to be your best pal if you’re fond of urban sportswear and sporty chic. Ballerina flats and fabulous sandals look stunning when teamed up with a summer dress or voguish shirts. Select your ultimate shoes styles that suit your personality and walking skills.

H&M Handbags H&M Belts H&M Handbags

H&M Handbags and Belts

The loveliest handbags and belts designs wait for you to try them on. Play with size and color to make sure you live out your wildest fashion fantasies. Don’t limit yourself to neutral and minimalist looks. Prints are some of the too-cool-to-miss trends of the moment. Inspired by the latest catwalk trends, these handbags will definitely offer the perfect detail to crown a new season outfit with.

Explore the multitude of designs and choose the one that suits your casual, semi-formal or party wear. From classy to more alternative design patterns, you’ll find everything you need to go glam with your look. Aspiring trendsetters will love the rich repertoire of handbags. Furthermore, don’t forget about the fabulous impact of belts on your look. Create the illusion of a perfectly proportionate figure using the thick or more narrow belt designs.

H&M Jewelry H&M Jewelry H&M Sunglasses H&M Hats

H&M Jewelry, Hats and Sunglasses

Amp up your chic apparel ideas with the hottest H&M jewelries that come in a multitude of designs. Versatile rings, necklaces and bangles are here to save you from a style meltdown and add a modern twist to your look. Choose from the romantic and classy designs or you can also make a smashing style manifesto with statement jewelry models.

Additionally, it is also wise to consider the chic range of hats from Bohemian to masculine style ones. Sunglasses can also make a big difference especially if you select them according to the face shape principles. Pick out a shade and a model that suits your features and skin tone. H&M has the ultimate parade of must-try accessories that should feature in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Image courtesy of H&M