Many people seem to avoid wearing hats since this might either not fit their outfit or give real troubles when spotting the right design. Indeed headwear is not an easy issue, to pull off the right image, it is essential to opt for the right color, shape and fabric. The market offers unlimited collections of stylish hats that are worn with huge confidence by celebrities and catwalk models.

The tendency will soon land on the streets, that’s why it is worth flirting with the idea of choosing the patterns and types beforehand and be prepared for the style-rush. The first and smartest move is to skim through the headwear trends of 2009.

Fedora Women besides adopting the boyish outfits and accessories seem to swoop down on masculine headwear too. Fedoras are generally considered perfect to complement the summer outfits of the stronger sex. Indeed these hats are pinched on the sides and pretty creased at the crown area, qualities that might make it too gangster-like for a gentle woman.

Lindsay Lohan Fedora Hat Cameron Diaz Fedora Megan Fox Fedora

However there are no limits in fashion and this style tendency proves this fact. Pair it with mens-wear outfits as oxford shirts and suspenders as well as well-tailored trousers, or fab boyfriends jeans. Remember casual attires work best wit this accessory.

Wide-Brimmed Hats What could better reflect the breezy mood of the hot season than a voguish wide-brimmed hat. Whether you go for a more classy and decent piece or you stick to the extra-large brims you might find your look upgraded in the spot. Stylists even include it in the Fall accessories for its colorful effect, often sported with beach or pool outfits it can perfectly dress up an MAXI dress, shorts and even jeans.

Kim Kardashian Wide-Brimmed Hat Heidi Montag Wide-Brimmed Hat Gabrielle Union Wide-Brimmed Hat

Panama Hats The panama hat is the no.1 sweetheart headwear of the celebrities especially this season. It ghostly resembles the fedoras still there are some differences. The wide brim makes these accessories perfect for summer outfits, when combined either with formal or more casual clothes.

In the eyes of the mass it radiates a elegance and finesses, especially when worn by ladies. Whether sported in neutral colors or more eye-popping designs the success is guaranteed. Keep your style neat and true to your personality and brighten up your image with a fab panama hat.

Short-brimmed hats Hillary Duff Short-Brimmed Hat Leighton Meester Cloche

Short-Brimmed Hats As we approach to the upcoming Fall season the headwear trend also turns to more multi-functional pieces. These bell-shaped beauties can add a feminine and vintage flair to our look. Worn in the 1920s this classy headwear can be worn either with a low updo or with free flowing tresses. The different fabrics these hats are made of make them a perfect accessory both in cold and warm weather.

As the quintessential must have piece of fall and winter, cloches and other short-brimmed hats can dress up a simple and dull outfit, echoing the refined tastes of the past decades. Often associated with the vintage and Gossip Girl Preppy style, these hats can be perfectly paired with A-line dresses and skirts as well as tailored pants and even gloves.