If you’re spoiled for choice at the local fashion stores, make sure you don’t lose yourself in the multitude of fashion trends. This time it’s more advisable to skim through the key tendencies that help you build up an A-list fashionista wardrobe.

The headscarf trend Spring/Summer 2011 will definitely make you feel fabulous and feminine. Explore this tricky trend that requires attitude and charisma. Bring out the adventurer within and try your hand at the flirty designs that come in an endless color and print palette. Steal the style hints offered by the greatest designers to make sure you sport your headscarves like a real pro.

Emilio PucciEmilio PucciD&GD&G

Accessories play an essential role in our spring/summer wardrobe. Those who wish to skip them will miss one of the most fascinating parts of restyling. Upgrade your outfits to the key color trends and fashion waves that flooded the catwalk and also the streets. Turn back in time and explore the glam effect of this retro-chic trend on your appearance. Let your intuition and style knowledge guide you through the selection of the most flattering and eye-popping shades. Come up with a brand new way of sporting scarves ad headwear. Drop a glimpse at these dapper examples you can also nail down without any difficulties. Pull out all your tricks and furnish your entourage and admirers with the best blueprint on how to rock out a worth-of-all-praises new season apparel.

LoeweLoeweGiorgio Armaniby Giorgio Armani

Feel the sun on your face and start piling up all the must have sunny weather accessories. You’ll find these at the specialized fashion stores. Try on the multitude of designs and leave with the most flattering one. This season designers were eager to find out how far you wanna go to strengthen your reputation as a trendsetter. Therefore, they decided to provide us with numerous ways on how to sport our fave mono-colored and printed scarves.

If you wish to flash your Boho chic side, wear your scarves as bandanas. This is one of the most faddish alternatives to embed these accessories into your wardrobe. On the other hand, you can also experiment with scarves turned into headbands and turbans. These style options will definitely encourage you to leave your old look behind and discover the advantages of a revitalized and super-chic outfit.


Scarves are universal accessories and can be worn in zillion ways. Use your creativity and style sense to find the most impressive alternatives and pierce the cutest designs into your spring and summer wardrobe. Turn the printed or block colored fashion items into real statement details. Remember there’s no trend you couldn’t rock out with a little charisma and the right attitude.

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