Brand collaborations are always interesting from the consumer’s point of view, especially when the collaboration joins two seemingly different types of brands in an exciting project. After two previous successful collaborations with the Walt Disney Signature brand, the Brooklyn-based company has one more interesting project with a huge potential. The latest fashion collection from the brand draws inspiration from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 3D movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

The limited edition collection which will be officially released on 1st of May features several interesting pieces, whether we are talking about handbags, scarfs or cuffs. The official release date is extremely well chosen as it manages to increase the anticipation for the beloved movie, which will be released in theaters on May 20, this year. With many motifs that express the chosen theme to perfection, the collection features several eye-catching, yet surprisingly versatile accessories that combine the classic elegance with subtle modern hints for an unexpectedly powerful style statement.

The handbag styles created by designers Toni Hacker and Benjamin Harnett balance the need for style with functionality by placing just the right amount of distinctive details to create a lasting impression without being perceived as too strong. Providing both clutches, for those who rank style as a top priority and more spacious bags for those who want something practical yet elegant, the brand is clearly focused on fulfilling many potential needs. The handbag designs are fairly simple, most of the time of one dominant color and golden distinctive style elements. Chain details are also used to emphasize the theme even more.

Focused around solid colors such as bright red, light brown, gray or blue, the collection is without a doubt focused on functionality. The multitude of mixing and matching options are more evident in the numerous combos made. It can be easily noticed that, as long as the color palette is chosen, combining several accessories at once is not a style challenge in the very least. In fact, since wearing more than one cuff is a hot trend in terms of accessories, the collection is definitely spot on.

The printed silk and chiffon scarves provide a subtle contrast when compared with the rich leather handbags. The combo exudes high class and refinement, creating multiple focal points that are almost in perfect harmony which each other. With a just a little creativity, the styling possibilities increase tremendously. The mere photos of the collection are a wonderful illustration of this idea.

Even though the official launch of the collection is only due next month, it is good to know that the items from the collection can be pre-ordered. Since this is a limited collection and only 50 items of each style will be produced, this information can prove essential if one or more of the accessories from the collection has caught your attention. The prices for the items included in the collection range from $78 to $498. Also, pre-orders can be made at

Photo courtesy of Hayden Harnett