The arrival of the new season is the perfect excuse to take a good inventory of your fashion choices and make the necessary adjustments to suit your style and even try something that might not fall in your usual choice zone. Fashion labels are constantly challenging our perception about commonly held beliefs. For the spring 2012 season, the Screwpulous jewelry collection addresses highlighting the faces of femininity focusing not only on innocence and sophistication but also on edginess and instant visual impact.

The belief that ‘you can’t have femme without fatale’ is fabulously translated into complex motifs that highlight a number of thought provoking contradictions. The dual nature of femininity is emphasized through symbols such as butterflies, dark moths and dragonflies while gold, brass and copper ‘Medieval, Gothic and Neo Victorian refinement’ symbols create an intriguing contrast.

Drama and romance have rarely been so well represented. The amazing craftsmanship with which every style element is highlighted, the carefully selected tones that skillfully combine romance with a sense of cruelty along with the incredible versatility of the designs make the whimsical pieces in the collection absolute must haves for the eclectic fashionista in every woman.

Impressive without being overly conspicuous, versatile without being bland, these necklaces can be the ultimate multitaskers if only you allow them to shine in the proper context and outfit style. Renew your accessories collection with stylish pieces this season and you won’t have to worry about looking fashionable and becoming the center of the attention without overspending.

Get them here: Harem Royal Etsy