Guess always has a way of going back to basics and still maintaining an ultra glam allure despite the apparent simplicity of the looks. The Guess Accesories holiday 2012 campaign is one of the most recent examples to illustrate the point. If the Guess Accessories fall 2012 campaign focused on color and a purposely polished allure, the new ads are more focused on a simpler approach to style that still manages to capture a lot of interest in a matter of seconds.

White is back on the spotlight yet instead of tackling the winter white theme, the label makes us dream about cruises and a few days of relaxation with a carefree allure. Polka dots, subtle animal print variations, a well placed touch of sexiness or a multitude of campaign worth analyzing and even using as a source of insight. A polished yet seemingly effortless allure certainly contributes to the overall impact of the newest looks.

Handbags are without a doubt a star component of the new campaign. The label is focused on delivering maximum versatility with a modern twist design wise. Animal prints are considered a timeless staple and the label brings this luxurious touch to the new offerings in a subtle yet powerful manner which inevitably manages to impress and meet a multitude of modern lifestyle demands. Carrying your personal possessions shouldn’t require any compromises in style or functionality and the renowned label definitely knows how to make things balance out just right.

When it comes to the less is more concept, few brands can illustrate the concept better than the new label. Keeping things classy and simple is a skill that is surprisingly unintuitive to master yet the label manages to highlight the basics of refiment with a sexy touch with each new photoshoot release. Go for modern classy ensembles for a spectacular image every single time.

Photo courtesy of Guess