New days… new challenges. Finding flattering outfits, updating our accessories and simply enjoying the new possibilities are all part of the experiences the new season brings. If you’re on the look for fabulous accessories with a classy allure and plenty of visual interest to avoid appearing too plain, this is your luck day. In fact, the Guess Accessories campaign for fall 2012 is filled with glamorous alternatives that will help you reveal your true self. Whether you’re into instant eye-catchers or you’re more interested in making sure your investment will show off your savvy and practical approach to fashion, the label sure brings tempting options for either goal.

The new season is defined by a healthy balance between the alternatives with an extremely obvious classy allure and those who are meant to instantly bring a new sense of excitement to a simple look. In the functionality mindset, the handbags are the ones that best represent the concept. Roomy and classy with only a few details to create interest, they are the perfect addition for a variety of occasions. Also in this category are the eyewear alternatives and some of the jewelry choices.

It’s almost impossible to fail if you’re going for uber versatile accessories and the mixing and matching possibilities are virtually limitless. It’s highly advisable to go for a modern up to date allure like the one presented in the new campaign by the label. There’s nothing wrong with wanting fab pieces that will instantly make everyone wonder where you got them. If you’re a fan of Guess, you’ll, have plenty of gorgeous pumps to choose from for your strong style statement. Animal prints or glitter-power, what’s your pick? The label offers gorgeous options in each category.

Photo courtesy of Guess