Return to the glamorous decades of unlimited chromatic options and add a splash of color to your new season wardrobe. Re-work the hottest socks and tight trends of the 60s and 70s and rise above the crowd with your refined skills to mix/match different colors, fabrics and prints.

The gorgeous tights for winter 2012 presented below will give your appearance an immediate glam boost. If you don’t have time to select basic clothing elements of different shades to fuse them into a dazzling ensemble, rely on the quick fix a similar accessory can give to your look.

Colorful Tights Colorful Tights Colorful Tights Floral Print Tights

Starting the preparations for next year’s style update can be exhausting unless you inject some fun into this cool activity. Play with the brightest or candy tones to enjoy your way more than fifteen minutes of fame. New-wave fashion can be defined in different ways. However, fashionistas know that it is enough to strip off all your confidence issues and limitations to step on the Elysian Field of visionary designers who mastered the art of creating immortalized style operas. Tights are the first step towards a top-to-toe transformation. Check out these dazzling models decorated with floral prints, gingham designs, spots and other details to cheer up your outfits.

Yellow Tights Green Tights Gingham Print Tights Spot Tights

If you don’t want to have trouble selecting the most flattering and hip prints and colors, you can also stick to a classy and all black parade of tights presented below. Celebrities know how to add refinement to their outfits. Follow their footsteps when it comes to style experiments. Embrace the new tights designs and stick to the ones which suit your signature clothing style.

Black Tights Black Tights Spot Tights Black Tights

Image courtesy of ASOS, Pamela Mann