Designer jewelry can have a great impact over your style so take a peek at the following uber-stylish jewelry designs signed Glynneth B!

Jewelry designers are beginning to be more and more appreciated for their work and this is something positive, There is a great amount of work deposited into the creation of a jewelry and this work needs to be appreciated as these accessories can complete and even transform the look of an outfit taking it from simple to fabulous in an instant. One of the jewelry designers which deserves your attention and admiration is Glynneth B, a British designer which has conquered the jewelry industry with her incredible talent.

Glynneth B jewelry collections have captured attention of fashion critiques, fashion designers and celebrities. Nowadays Glynneth's work is worn by superstars such as Rihanna, Ciara, Fergie, Estelle, Mel B, Natalie Cole, Paris Hilton and many more others as well. Not only that, Glynneth B has been collaborating with big names in the fashion industry such as John Galliano, Paul Smith, David Fielden and her designs are just unbelievable.

With her urban punk influenced jewelry, Glynneth B has managed to show just how much jewelry can update and transform the look of an outfit, a transition which is made in just seconds. The hard core style of the designs is perfectly balanced by romantic details which fuse together to create some of the most amazing jewelries suitable for powerful, confident women who love to make a statement and underline their uniqueness.

The collection which pushed Glynneth B towards the top was titled Pleasure & Pain and the name was highly underlined by the designs who featured a stylish edgy look. Confidence is a definite must when it comes to wearing these jewelry designs as they are a definite point of focus, which attracts attention towards you. The rings, necklaces as well as earrings are very different from what we are used to seeing, the designs featuring edgy details which take them out of the patterns. Choosing something different can sometimes, like in this case, be highly beneficial so don't hesitate to complete your jewelry collection using Glynneth B jewelry.

Whether you are looking for a simple chain necklace or want to go for something bolder such as Joan of Arc epolette, you will look fabulous. There is a jewelry design suitable for everyone who loves to attract attention. Choose to boost the simplicity of an outfit with a lovely pair of earrings, a stylish bold and edgy bracelet or a stylish necklace and you will look amazing. Prices range between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the size, style and materials used in the creation of the design!

Purchase these incredible jewelry designs signed Glynneth B online or from your favorite store such as: Bergdorf Goodman (NY), Madison (LA), Joy Rich (Japan), Harvey Nichols (UK) and specialty stores from around the world!

Joan of Arc epilette

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