The complexity of the natural world has proved a fruitful source of inspiration for countless of artists and creative minds across the centuries and it still continues to be so today especially for jewelery designer Wendy Powitt who has suggestively titled her latest collection ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. Femininity, innocence and a few whimsical touches are some of the most well defined characteristics of the latest designs included in the collection.

From floral elements to feathers, a handful of elements are constantly being reinterpreted into spectacular necklaces and bracelets, lust-worthy rings or classy earrings that can easily land on top of every fashionista’s must-have list. Few things express spring’s arrival better than birds and flowers and the pieces surely manage to evoke this feeling and express the diversity of the natural world in many of these enchanting forms. Complex, without being over the top, the pieces are sure to become instant focal points and can help liven up any outfit.

From a color perspective, the choices are quite clear, being fairly straight forward. Fairly subtle tones are preferred in place of more daring, vibrant ones although occasional exceptions from the rule still exist. The creative color combos and effects, however, greatly enhance the overall appeal of the pieces. Although complex, it never seems like pairing multiple pieces together would prove too much or might come of as a faux pas, so selecting the perfect piece of jewelry doesn’t seem like such a complicated task.

Model Robyn Lawley really helps capture the spirit of this limited edition collection. With an innocent and relaxed allure, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Bouncy waves and a sultry eye-makeup prove the ideal choices for a seductive look. Enrich your accessory staples with fabulous jewelry pieces that will make standing out a super easy task and you won’t need to try hard to look fabulous.

Photo via Ghost & Lola Facebook