How to get stains out of your favorite clothes – it would be a pity to throw them just because of a tiny stain. Don’t panic, there is remedy for every problem! Try out these tricks on how to get stains out of clothes, shoes, and other.

Get rid of makeup stains

Try to prevent the appearance of makeup stains and always cover your clothes with tissue paper when applying your makeup – especially foundation. If this advice comes too late try the following: If you spoiled your clothes with solid/powder makeup as eyeshadow you’ll have an easier job. Toothpaste is an extremely useful stain remover. Now, wet the spot a bit, then apply the paste over it. Leave it on for a couple of minutes.

Finally use a toothbrush to rub it and rinse with warmish water. Let it dry naturally.

If you stained your clothes with oil based makeup such as: foundation, mascara or lipstick, deal with the problem immediately. It will be much harder to get rid of the stains since it’s too greasy. Basically you have to dissolve the oily stain. The first step is to wipe off as much makeup as you can.

Use a butter knife or another flat tool to scrape some off. Then use alcohol to dissolve the stain, be careful don’t rub the fabric.

Soak a clean white cloth into traditional alcohol. Then apply it to the stain, soon it should disappear. Dish washing detergent is just as good since this also dissolves grease.

Get chewing gum out of fabricsChewing gum can be really messy when it comes of removing it from your clothes. Believe it or not chocolate is the best remedy for getting rid of chewing gum.

If you melt some and apply it to the stain, its mild texture will dissolve its hardness. This way you’ll have an easy job when wiping it off the fabric. Freezing is another trick. Place the piece of clothing into the refrigerator.

Let the gum solidify, then all you have to do is break it. If it’s a jacket or a bigger item use some ice cubes as an express remedy.

What to do about sweat stainsPerspiration can leave really ugly stains on t-shirts and clothes.

It might seem that we can’t do anything to fight it, just to throw out the stained tees and shirts. However the following trick will show you that you can get rid of them in no time. Add 1 tbsp of vinegar to a half cup of water.

Then apply it to the stain, leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse it off, you’ll have the initial color and the odor will also disappear. Lemon juice works just as good for these stubborn stains.

Get rust stains out of clothes Rust can be very harsh on clothes and other fabrics, that’s why you have to be extremely careful when removing it. Acidic solutions work best for these stains.

The most popular trick is to use lemon juice or vinegar. These will immediately dissolve the iron oxide (rust). Don’t worry, the acid content is very mild and won’t damage your clothes.

Blot the stain with a cloth or a paper towel dipped into these two ingredients. Let the solution work, and get it out in the sun to dry naturally. The stain should go away in a couple of minutes.