Sometimes fashion is all about underlining the artistic side of a person’s vision and this is exactly what happened with Gabriella Marina Gonzales’s spring/summer 2011 collection: The Cyclops Apprentice. The fashion collection showcased some extraordinary fashion accessory designs that are all about capturing attention. With a certain fierceness attached, the accessories are definitely not for the faint-hearted, so they should come with the following warning: pure vixen style.

The name of the collection “The Cyclops Apprentice” suits the collection perfectly as it definitely takes you back towards ancient times, when warriors conquered the world with their fierce look and power. This collection is definitely edgy and will instantly give you that “Gaga” look that everyone is crazy about.

Gabriella Marina Gonzales’s inspiration was a different perspective of the world. This has allowed her to reach into her inner self and create a collection that is radically different from what we’re used to seeing in these contemporary times. Sometimes being unconventional is a great thing as one can loose their personal touch on the way of trying to blend-in. Fashion is supposed to help underline individuality and personality and turning towards different, eccentric fashion items doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

The leather masks, edgy platforms and edgy jewelry can definitely help you make a fashion statement whenever and wherever. They are an artistic approach to jewelry and some of them are quite wearable. The twisted straps, super high platforms as well as gloves are a perfect match for women who love adding unique elements to their wardrobe, but still want to maintain a modern-chic look that is not too bold.

On the other hand, the leather looking “harness” and masks might take your look towards the extreme. These are definitely accessories which you could see Lady Gaga wearing, so if fierce, unique and powerful is your style, you’ve found the perfect accessories match for you.

Often straying away from what is considered conventional is okay, as long as you maintain that stylish appearance that doesn’t make you look like you’re trying way too hard to look different. Edgy looking fashion outfits and accessories are not for everyone, a great amount of confidence is needed to radiate that fierce style that stands out, but if this style characterizes you, don’t hesitate to inspire yourself from Gabriella Marina Gonzales’s spring/summer 2011 collection: The Cyclops Apprentice.

Photos by Sarah Piantadosi courtesy of