The Haute Joaillerie week is one of the most awaited events of the year, in which designers displace their fabulous gems for everyone to admire. It is absolutely amazing how much work and attention has been put into some of the most incredible jewelry designs, and this fall season, in mid September, everyone will be able to admire some of the most incredible jewelry collections signed by big names in the fashion industry.

So in 2010, the Biennalle des Antiquaires in Paris will open its gateways for the 25th time, in which antique and artful jewelries will capture everyone’s attention. Jewelry plays a very important role when it comes to fashion and style, and this has been a well known fact even since ancient times when women tried to emphasize their beauty with different bangles and hair pins. It is amazing just how much a simple jewelry piece can transform the look of a person, so allow yourself to be taken on a dreamy journey through Haute Joaillerie, a journey which will enchant your eyes.

The key jewelry designs signed Dior look fabulous and have a much more classical design. The precious gems which were used in the collections creation looked stunning and luxurious. The Christian Dior essential pieces were the Rose Dior Bagalette ring created out of precious rubies and pink sapphires, the Dior Bollywood earrings which feature fabulous jeweled twin serpents, the Dior serpent ring which features some of the most incredible colored jewelry.

Dior Bagalette ring Dior Bollywood earrings

Van Cleef&Arpels key jewelry pieces look absolutely extraordinary, especially due to the fabulous designs and precious gems used. The collections seems to have been inspired from Jules Verne and the most amazing pieces were: the white and gray diamonds encrusted elephant featuring a fabulous dangling 41 carat topaz gem and a whale broach which spouts diamonds, spout which can be concealed or revealed as desired due to the jewelry’s design.

Chanel’s theme seems to be feathers, as most of the selected jewelry designs have a feather design and look fabulous. The essential key jewelry pieces signed by Chanel were the fabulous Chanel Plume Broach and the marvelous Chanel Plume necklace which features a lovely dangling diamond encrusted feathered design.

Van Cleef& Arples elephant clip Van Cleef& Arples whale Chanel plume Chanel Plume Necklace

Boucheron’s jewelry designs looked great, luxurious and definitely unique. The Boucheron Accroche Coeur necklace looks unbelievable as well as the Boucheron Coquette Houpette necklace which features a lovely puffball ends design, puffballs sprinkled with colored diamonds which capture the attention fabulously.

Boucheron Accroche Coeur Boucheron Coquette Houpette

This event is truly worth attending so if you happen to be in Paris this mid September, don’t hesitate to visit and admire some of the world’s most exquisite antique jewelry. Photos via