2010 marked the year of Antarctica-inspired fashion trends. Models were covered with thick layers and uber-bulky coats and outerwear. Fur was crowned as the ultimate royal fabric used to enhance the suave tailoring of the basic clothing items as well as additional accessories. A tendency that can’t be overlooked managed to banish the controversy around this debate that often ruins the pleasure of wearing some of the most spectacular style items. Indeed faux fur is the latest invention that succeeded taming the pressure exercised on great designers who were reluctant to skip this material and stay inside the limits of public acceptance. Instead some of them taking the risk of scandals decided to build their collection around faux fur envisioning a real winter’s tale crowned with the most spectacular outfit ideas of the season as the ones below. Take a peek at the Fall 2010 Faux fur accessories trend and find out more on the shapes and style techniques used to make these wardrobe essentials memorable.


Fall forces us to cover our body with thick layers of clothes that should definitely add a few inches to our silhouette. Instead of taking refuge under oversized jackets and coats, why not warm yourself with the latest Fall 2010 Faux fur accessories trend that covers the parade of stoles, scarves, gloves, headgear as well as shoes and handbags. This universal style tendency that spread its influnece to the whole domain of accessories would grant us with the privilege of sporting silky soft and heart-warming textures in oh-so-fabulous designs and shades.

One of the revolutionary and at least said traditional fashion invention award goes to the colored fur which is also popular among those who are fond of rising above the mass and stand out with their apparel. Whether you decide to stick to brown, camel or the natural looking tones or do you dare to be different with a ‘va-va-voom’ blue, ivory or radiant faux fur style pieces the point is to have the right attitude to make a difference with your outfit. Besides flirting with the classy accessories take a closer glimpse at the fur jewelry trend that offers you chic bracelets and necklaces as well as hair accessories decorated with or produced of fur.


No wonder people can hardly keep the pace with the quick evolution of fashion trends that often turn back in time then jump into the future wobbling between the extremes of class and non-conformism. Accessories adopt the same tendencies offering the public the prerogative to wear different and ever upgrading and changing designs. The fall fur trend is yet another example of taking a bite from the past and transposing it into modern time with the fabulous and innovative tailoring and cuts.

The fine lines of the timeless bags as well as high class and architectural design of shoes all come to life with the help of faux fur which enhance the beauty of these accessories with an extra-uptown flair. Find the best pieces that suit your signature clothing style be it knee-high boots or stylish wedges as well as box bags and cute fur clutches in order to always have an emergency trick to perk up your appearance.The A/W 2010 collections below also reveal the popularity and refinement of the trend.

Images via Style.com, ELLE.com

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