Incurable Hello Kitty fans will find the latest ete! x Hello Kitty accessories collection simply thrilling. Wear your favorite clothing items decorated with the oh-so-popular image of a cartoon character who managed to twist the world around her fingers.

If you’re into building up a signature clothing style which features challenging fashion elements like statement accessories, consider this chic repertoire of footwear and shoulder-bag models. Use your accessorizing talent to incorporate these artsy staples into your school or casual chic outfit ideas.

 Ete! x Hello Kitty Shoes  Ete! x Hello Kitty Accessories Collection  Ete! x Hello Kitty Shoes

The signs mantra of ete! stays the same. That is actually to furnish Hello Kitty fans from all over the world with a colorful and wearable collection of accessories. Due to the limited color options (black, red, white and grey) every aspiring fashionista can pull off a voguish outfit which includes the cutest handbags and shoe designs. Crown your sporty chic apparel with cute sneakers decorated with the face of this lovely feline. Suede boots will also keep your feet warm during the cold season. Showcase your trend-awareness by rocking statement accessories which reveal your fondness for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

The cute collection also includes nylon bags decorated with tri-dimensional bows. Stuff your dazzling bag with all your beauty must haves. Choose the color which suits your personality and style preferences. Complete your collection of Hello Kitty fashion trophies with cosmetic bags, an iPhone case and even height increasing insoles.

 Ete! x Hello Kitty Bags  Ete! x Hello Kitty Bags  Ete! x Hello Kitty Cosmetic Bags  Ete! x Hello Kitty iPhone Case and Height Increase Insoles

Image courtesy of ete! x Sanrio