Models are eager to flash their creativity as well as artistic skills also off the runway trying their hand at various domains of fashion. Jewelry seemed the perfect means of expression also for the hyper-successful and iconic model Erin Wasson. After her collaboration with RVCA as well as stylist contribution to Alexander Wang she decided to envision her own both fashion and jewelry line.

The Erin Wasson Low Luv jewelry connection is indeed one of the most authentic and unique repertoire of bracelets, necklaces as well as cuffs and rings that radiate an ethnic versatility as well as a Glam Grunge allure. The material use as well as the various designing techniques all reveal Erin’s fondness for cultural heritage and tradition as well as a more tribal life inspired perspective. Those who would like to explore the magical jewelry realm offered by Erin Wasson should take a closer look at these stylish accessories.

Among her chief sources of inspiration the designer mentions the flea markets are well as the various cultures she had a close encounter with during her trips around the world. Indeed Erin Wasson openly confesses her desire to express herself through both fashion as well as the world of accessories that all serve as the best means to complete our signature outfit. You’ll find here bracelets and necklaces covered with gold and silver as well as softened and also more rugged and wild pieces. The alternative looks give the complete collection a more ethnic allure taking us back into the ancient times. Refinement and the girly patterns are neglected this time, instead you’ll be offered with a more Indie-chic oriented world which encourages the sporting of statement accessories in their utmost beauty.

Antique is the buzzword when it comes of bracelets and rings. Creating the illusion of worn-out and precious pieces was in fact the main aim of Erin Wasson. Therefore she made these dirty and Grungy also in order to embed them into her style vision that is also characteristic of her fashion line. In order to top the fabulous casual chic as well as chic nighttime outfits you’ll have the chance to choose from this wide parade of jewelry from the less prominent to show-stopping designs. Bones, chains and other rock chic inspired elements can be also identified in the design of the various accessories. Bring out the wild side of your personality with these oh-so-inspiring and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Erin Wasson by temporarily giving up her fashion designer career decided to concentrate on her Low Luv jewelry collection. Indeed her ambition to envision more and more accessory operas would keep the public on their toes. As Erin claims seeing others wearing her unique pieces would give her the perfect motivation to keep on creating new and more authentic bracelets, necklaces and also earrings.We are looking forward to the most stylish pieces of the next season that would definitely keep us versed with the latest fashion trends.

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