As there are some great travel mugs for us ladies out there, sometimes they can be a bit on the pricey side and why spend $25 on a travel Mug when you can create one for $10 or less.

There is always a way to create chic affordable items with just things you already own or even the local craft store will sell everything you may need.

Follow these 4 easy steps for a quick and affordable way to create a chic travel Mug that is perfect for the girl on-the-go.

DIY Glitter Mug Tutorial DIY Glitter Mug Tutorial


1. Materials needed: Mod Podge, glitter, travel mug (w/removable cover) & sponge brush.

2. Start mixing the glitter & Mod Podge together.

3. Start painting the travel mug with the glitter glue mix until it’s completely covered. Wait for it to dry.

4. Add some more glitter glue mix to fill in any spaces that are shown. Dry overnight.


DIY Glitter Mug Tutorial DIY Glitter Mug Tutorial

Now you can just day dream of your sunny fabulous mornings sitting at your desk drinking your tea or coffee out of a chic mug & freshly painted nails, now that’s a day in the life.

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Photos by: Cymone Hartley