Dior Joaillerie has been creating fabulous and luxurious jewelry designs for decades and the hard work, talent and soul which has been put into each and every jewelry piece has helped Christian Dior‘s name be carried on even after his death. The Dior Diorette jewelry collection has managed to attract a generous amount of attention through the fun and feminine jewelry designs which step out of the usual patterns of Dior design team.

It seems that most of the times nature can provide everything you need, all one has to do is transform the natural elements into art and something fabulous, as the Dior Diorette collection has managed to do.

Accessories play a very important role when it comes to fashion and style and if you are looking for something to brighten up your outfit the Dior Diorette jewelry collection can definitely be a great option.

Flowers seem to have inspired most of the collection and this is absolutely adorable. The floral bumblebee rings are perfect for different occasions and they can have a brightening effect over you hands< as well as wardrobe look. Fun, colorful jewelry designs are not necessarily meant to be worn by teen girls, you can most definitely use these designs to add more “life” to a dark colored monochrome outfit.

The Diorette designs exude luxury as well as once you take a closer look to the designs your eyes will be enchanted by the glittering diamonds, aquamarines, sapphires, amethysts and other precious stones. The butterflies, flowers as well as ladybug designs are fabulously put together so the rings and earrings look like a they are just natural flower bouquets gathered from nature.

No jewelry collection would be complete without a fabulous set of earrings, bracelets and necklaces and the Diorette jewelry designs complete each other. You can find the perfect set to suit your personal preference but don’t necessarily have to wear all the jewelry at once. You can settle to wear just the ring and earrings or earrings and necklace or just the ring or the earrings or the necklace; the possibilities are numerous.

Accessories can definitely add a touch of glamor and joy to any outfit and this collection is meant to do exactly so. Select the designs which you feel comfortable wearing and smile as confidence is a must when it comes to femininity and sexiness!

Photos courtesy of diorjoaillerie.com