Brooches – similar to other accessories – can add that finishing touch to any outfit. It depends on your imagination to match these jewelries with your look

There are several types of brooches: fantasy, classic, decorated with gold, silver or pearls, manufactured of aluminum, wood, plastic, bone and glass, all these will enhance your casual or formal outfits.

Wear it in a traditional way, by pining it on the upper left of a blouse, a corsage or a simple top or a trench coat.

You can also choose a scarf and decorate it with a brooch.

Cover your shoulders with the scarf and pin it with a brooch.

Use your creativity and put a brooch on your hat or gloves, it will attract the attention of others immediately.

Wearing a slit skirt, you can highlight your legs by pining a brooch on to the slit.

Wear it on a vest – you can apply this trick on a casual look as well as on a formal one.

Put on a mono-color shirt, button it up right to the top, pin a brooch over the top button.

While wearing your pants try to highlight the length of your legs by pining identical brooches on the sides.

Pin it on your wristband to give it a classic or funky style.

Decorate your hairband with your favorite brooches – it will shift the attention to your hairstyle.

Pinning a brooch on your simple belt can give you an original appearance.