We all know fashion is more than just clothes on ‘human coat hangers’ walking down the runway. Fashion is a cultural statement and it involves our entire existence.

So, no wonder that famous fashion houses stepped into a whole new level creating bicycles! Designer bicycles are the new hot ‘accessories’ when it comes to fashion. Coco Chanel‘s love of sport has been translated into an ergonomically designed, eight-speed bicycle.

Chanel Bicycle

During her life, Coco often criticized the outfits that women used to wear when playing sports, inventing the jersey that liberated the body, and creating a new silhouette, without that waistline that made natural movement so difficult. As a response to her vision and continuing the heritage of the house, Chanel created the Chanel bike, accented with the house’s signature quilted leather and double-C logo.

It’s an aluminium limited edition bike that retails for about US$12,695. But Chanel wasn’t the only brand that created a fashion bicycle – Hermes continued to enlarge the list of designer bicycles.

Hermes collaborated last year (2008 was also the year Chanel released its luxury bike) with the Dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus. The result was a bike with Hermes’ signature orange accenting the stainless steel bike.

Designer Bicycle Hermer Batavus

This 3 speed bicycle is all about lacquered stainless steel, its frames, handles and saddle are made of Taurillon Clemence leather, and features carrier with bungee cord, mud flap and spoke protector. The Hermes bicycle is cheaper than the Chanel one, costing $4,000.

Cynthia Rowley has created a limited edition bike, with a CR-designed floral print in light blue and yellow on the frame. It’s a very chic and less expensive designer bicycle and comes in different colors, like mint, baby blue, ivory, camel, light pink, and navy. She included her new creations into a fashion show, as her Fashion Week show ended with models biking down the runway. A Cynthia Rowley bicycle costs $1,200.00.